The Wrong Knickers by Bryony Gordon

Bryony Gordon – 5 Life Lessons Learned in my 20s

Bryony Gordon survived her adolescence by dreaming about the life she'd have in her twenties: the perfect job; the lovely flat; the amazing boyfriend. The reality was something of a shock. Her Telegraph column was a diary of her daily screw-ups; she lived in a series of squalid shoe boxes; and her most meaningful relationship of the entire decade was with a Marlboro Light.
In THE WRONG KNICKERS Bryony busts open the glamorized myth of what it means to be a young (perpetually) single girl about London town, and shares the horrible and hilarious truth. The truth about picking up a colleague at the STI clinic; sinking into debt to fund a varied diet of wine, crisps and vodka; and how it feels when your dream man turns out to be a one night stand who hands you someone else's knickers in the morning.
She recently was the guest author at the Hidden Prologues literary, salon where authors read from their own work and from another book that inspired them, before joining a discussion about the issues that emerge.
Hosted by the writer and journalist Sam Leith, the salon gives leading authors the chance to explore the 'Hidden Prologues' to their latest books.

Ahead of the event, Bryony revealed the 5 key life lessons she learned in her 20s:

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